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We love to help celebrate children’s birthdays at school.  We recognize birthdays on Morning Announcements. Students receive a birthday ribbon as well.  Birthday invitations are NOT to be given out in class unless there is an invitation for everyone.  We are not able to provide addresses or phone numbers for children in class due to confidentiality. Parents may contact their child’s teacher about sending in a birthday treat for the celebration of their child’s birthday in the classroom.  Because of the prevalence of food allergies, we encourage parents to send in non-food items such as stickers, pencils or books (no toys, please).  Birthday parties are not held in school. 

Another great option is our Groton Food Services!  They now offer In-Class Celebration Deliveries!  Place the order online and our Kitchen Staff take care of the rest delivering the food, drinks, or treat directly to the classroom on a specificed date!  This is a great option as the Kitchen Staff will provide allergy free food that's individually wrapped!   Click here to learn more and place an order!