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Secondary Transition Resources

This information is are for parents, guardians, and surrogate parents of students receiving special education services in grades 6-12, and students, age 18 and older, to help with preparation for life after high school.Connecticut state department of education website

Transition Bill of Rights


Secondary Transition Planning


The secondary transition planning process graphic was developed by the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) and State Education Resource Center (SERC), and  helps a student to answer the question,

"What do I want to do when I leave was high school?" 

Transition Assessments and Career Exploration activities lead a student to develop their Post-School Outcome Goal Statements (PSOGS). Students must develop post-school goals in Postsecondary Education/Training and Career/Employment, and if appropriate, Independent Living Skills.

Supports, tools, and resources that a student has available to help develop successful career outcomes including:

  • Network of Support
  • Curricula/ Courses
  • Life-Long Learning / Higher Education
  • Adult/ Community Services and Agencies
  • Student Success Plan (SSP) 
  • annual IEP Transition Goals and Related Objectives

All of these supports, tools, and resources should be identified within the Summary of Performance (SOP).

CT CORE Transition Skills and other strategies, which will assist the student with their Transition to Adult Life. These skills and strategies include:

  • Self-Determination, Active Role in the PPT Process
  • Utilizing Learning Strategies, developing Self-Reliance
  • Utilizing Assistive Technology, mastering Transportation skills
  • Understanding Accommodations that are needed
  • Community Participation, understanding Health Care
  • Utilizing effective Decision Making skills
  • Having appropriate Social Interactions, Daily Living Skills
  • Lowing their Rights and Responsibilities

Planning Process

First page of the PDF file: SecondaryTransitionPlanningProcess
First page of the PDF file: version-de-texto-alternativo-de-proceso-de-planificacion-de-la-transicion-secundaria-revisado-818202

Additional Resources


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First page of the PDF file: CT-CORE-Transition-Skills-Revised-10-19-2020
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