Groton Magnet Elementary Schools


One community. Two new elementary schools. Five magnet themes.


Lots of options for your K-5 students to explore.


School in September is going to be more exciting than ever for our students as they head back into the classroom!



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This is such an exciting time to be a student in Groton Public Schools. We are opening two new elementary schools in September 2021 so families have more choices right here in our town and city. With five themed elementary schools, students have an opportunity to explore their passions and interests and create meaningful connections. Students can continue along theme pathways at our STEAM themed Groton Middle School and pursue multiple career pathways at Fitch High School. Fitch High School and Groton Middle School are the states only International Baccalaureate campus, offering a continuation of programs from the Middle Years Program to the IB Diplomma Program and IB Careers Program.

-  Susan Austin, Superintendent of Groton Public Schools