Virtual Learning High School

Groton Adult Education is pleased to offer online courses to our students through Connecticut Adult Virtual High School. Groton Adult Education instructors recognized the need to explore this form of teaching and learning as an option for our students. The online credit diploma courses are designed for students to take in conjunction with their onsite courses in order to earn their high school diploma. Please note these courses are conducted independently, therefore students need to be highly motivated. Students are required to have 12 seat hours in the Adult Education program for each course as well as weekly time at home to complete the assignment’s, tests, etc.

The Connecticut Adult Virtual High School program currently offers 26 half credit courses. Mr. Carter will register each student in the Virtual High School. Each student when registered needs to complete the online Student Success orientation course. After completion of this course students will then be able to start their enrolled course. If there are further questions, please contact Kerry Carter @ 860-441-2152 or e-mail