Health Policy

State law requires us to have a completed health form for each child on file the first day of attendance.

Children should be kept at home, or will be sent home when not feeling well enough to participate in the day's activities. Children should not be in school when they demonstrate the following signs of illness:

  • * fever (temperature over 100)
  • * cold with excessive coughing or colored discharge from nose and eyes
  • * vomiting or diarrhea
  • * conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • * impetigo/ ring worm
  • * ear infection
  • * head lice
  • * any communicable illness (strep throat, chicken pox, etc.)

For protection of all children and staff, we request that you do not send your child to school with a fever or in any contagious state. Children who have suffered from a temperature (over 100), diarrhea or vomiting must be kept home for 24 hours before returning.

If you are keeping your child home for illness, please call the school at 860-572-5825.

Also, please notify us if any childhood diseases (such as chicken pox) are going through your household so that we and other parents can watch for symptoms in others.

If your child becomes ill at school, the school nurse will notify you at home or work. If she cannot reach you, she will contact the individual(s) listed for the emergency number(s). Please make sure your telephone numbers and emergency numbers are kept up to date.

Thank you for helping us maintain a healthy learning environment.