Helpful Links

  • ABC Mouse

    Early Learning Website for Preschoolers

  • Visual Support Picture Library

    Free website with ideas and pictures to use for behavior charts, communication boards and schedules.

  • Visual Supports

    Website for families with autism but also wonderful resource for parents with children who have receptive & expressive language delays & behavioral concerns.

  • Autism Speaks


  • Help Kids Learn

    Fun accessible games and activities designed specifically for young children and those with learning disabilities.

  • Get Ready to Read

    This website provides parents with an understanding of the skills necessary for beginning readers. It has interactive games, book ideas and much more!

  • Funschool: Free Preschool Games & Activities

    Age appropriate activities for preschoolers. Games help with letter recognition, math concepts & pre-reading skills.

  • Starfall

  • PBS Kids

    Educational Videos, Games and interactive online activities for all ages