Sight Words

Kindergarten Sight Words 

 no   we  play  three  is
 like  be  make  can  see
 did  little  me  I  are
 said  me  go  two  what
 and    it  went  they  he
 do  blue  big  at  jump
 red  with  a  the  if
 this  so    my  yes  an
 on  to  put  was  in
 look  not  some  up  come
 one  yellow  am  for  us
 Groton Public School's Kindergarten Sight Word Benchmarks by Terms
       Term 1: Target Goal Range 9 to 12 words recognized
       Term 2: Target Goal Range 18 to 26 words recognized
       Term 3: Target Goal  Range 44 to 55  words recognized  

The more sight words children know the better readers they become.  Sight words are words that appear frequently in print.  The same words are among those used most frequently by children in their writing.  When children build their sight word vocabulary, they become better readers and writers.

Sight Word Activities