Sight Word Games

I have listed  below some games that you can make at home to help reinforce the learning of sight words in a fun and exciting way.  The list of kindergarten sight words can be found on the web site.

  • Make a concentration or memory game with the sight words.
  • Make a board game using the sight words.
  • Write  a sight word out on a large piece of paper then cut letters apart and see if your child and put them back in the correct order.
  • Do a sight word search in the paper, cereal box, or magazines.
  • Play a hangman game with sight words.
  • Create a fill in the missing letter paper for your child to complete.
  • Using your finger write on your child's back and see if he/she can guess the sight word.
  • Use play-doh or clay to roll out the letters in each sight word.
  • Get a tray and fill it with sand and have your child write the sight words in sand.
  • Use magnet letters to spell sight words.

Most importantly have fun with your child as he/she begins to explore with words!