Star "sight" Words

In Kindergarten we call sight words "Star Words" because they are the stars of reading and the children need to recognize them right away.  Sight words are words that good readers can recognize instantly without having to "sound them out". Sight words are important because:

  1. They make up a high percentage of the material that we read.
  2. Many of them cannot be "sounded out". 
  3. If a reader spends too much time trying to decode words, he will lose fluency and the meaning of the passage may be lost.

Throughout the year, I will update the list of "star words" that the children have learned and I will include some games and activities that you can do at home to practice reading these important words.

The following is a list of sight words that your Kindergarten child is expected to read by the end of Kindergarten.  Highlighted words have been introduced.

 no   we  play  three  is
 like  be  make  can  see
 did  little  me  are
 said  me  go  two  what
 and    it  went  they  he
 do  blue  big  at  jump
 red  with  a  the  if
 this  so    my  yes  an
 on  to  put  was  in
 look  not  some  up  come
 one  yellow  am  for  us