• Stories Read Aloud is a wonderful site filled with classics and new stories all read by familiar faces.

  • Picture Match

    This game allows you to select which initial consonants you want your child to practice.  Your child will match pictures to its initial consonant.

  • Letter/ Sound Match

    This game meets offers children the chance to match initial letters with pictures while also using their memory skills to remember which cards are where. Students work their way through three increasingly difficult levels, each with more pairs of cards. The game offers two modes of play, one timed and one not, as well as the option to hear the names of all the pictures. At the end of the game, there is a print version of the cards so your child can play the game at home. 

  • Practice Spelling Sight Words

    There are 25 free activities on the Spelling City website.  You can put the words you want to practice.  I suggest using the sight word list  as a starting point.  This website will be one that you can use all through your child's elementary years.

  • Virtual Math Manipulatives

    Check out this site for wonderful activities that your child can do with virtual math manipulatives.  Click in the column for Kindergarten - there are 5 different mathematical concept areas to choose from.