Ball Words

What are Ball Words????

I use a sight word challenge program in my classroom.  Part of Kindergarten reading instruction is the introduction and mastery of sight words.  While students in our district are only required to learn approximately 55 words by the end of Kindergarten, I have found that they are often very capable and interested in learning more than that.  For that reason, I offer them the opportunity to learn up to 220 words this year.  That is 11 sets of 20 words.  Each set of words is placed on a different type of ball or sports equipment.  The first set of ball words are what we call Baseball Words.  Students will work on this set until they can read them easily for me.  When they have done this successfully, they receive a Baseball Word Champ certificate and a new list of ball words to master.

The wonderful thing about this system is that everyone can work at their own pace.  It allows students who may not be as far as others to find success without frustration and likewise allows students who are ready to read and move at a faster pace to do so without becoming bored.  Everyone's surceases are celebrated, and what I have discovered is that my students learn to work with each other to reach their goals.  We talk a great deal about being a team and working together.  It is really quite amazing!

Along with practicing their words during our rest time or when they finish their work early, they are also welcome to practice at home if they choose. For that reason, I will always send home a new ball list when they pass, so you can work with them if that is what they choose to do at home.

I appreciate all that you do for you child!  Get ready for some exciting Ball Word fun and please contact me with any questions!


Ball Word Lists