Community Coordinator

My name is Gretchen Romilly and I am the Community Coordinator at S.B. Butler.  My primary focus is to match willing & able volunteers from the community with the needs that exist in the school!        

Please take a moment to review the volunteer packet that came home with your child.  There are many opportunities available at school, both in and out of the classroom.  Teachers will be putting in their requests, and many new jobs come up throughout the year.  Once you have filled out your information and requests, please return the forms to your child's teacher.

Also, for all of you who volunteer at home or outside of the classroom, we do keep track of your hours.  Simply email me with the total time spent on a particular project so your volunteerism can be accounted for!

I can be reached at any time, or you can call me at school - 860-572-5825.  Thank you for your interest!


We could not do it without you!