What is Mentoring?

What is mentoring? Mentoring is one-on-one relationships established between caring adults and students who need a little extra help and support. Mentoring is a powerful initiative with a proven record of improving students' grades and self-esteem, and raising their goals and expectations.

What is your role as a mentor? Mentors work with students, serving as coaches, supporters, role models, and advocates. Mentors meet once a week for about an hour with a student, during their school day, at their school location. Mentoring activities include reading, playing games, participating in hobbies, discussing school and favorite activities, and building the student's confidence.

If you have an hour a week to give a student or need more information, contact the Mentoring Program Representative at the school of your choice or contact our MSC Chairperson & Interviewer Sharon Schick at (860) 514-2977 or (860) 448-9360 or