Mentor Steering Committee


Mentor Steering Committee Representatives
Groton Public Schools


* Denotes Executive Board Member


*Sharon A. Schick (District Mentor Coordinator Chair of MSC):            

*Cassandra Sewell (US Navy Spouse/MSC Exec Asst):

Jennifer Sanford (Groton Youth and Families):              

*STS1 Joshua L Sewell (US Naval SubScol N343B):

Jackie Massett (Ledge Light Health District):

Central Office:

*Dr. Michael Graner (Superintendent):

Susan Austin (Assistant Superintendent):

Joyce Medling (Executive Asst. of Superintendent):

Nadine Macklin (Special Education Elementary Supervisor):

Sarah Whitley (Visual Learning Academy Tutor):

Fitch Senior High School:

Erin McGuire (Asst. Principal):

Amy Frayne (Teacher):

Cutler Arts & Humanity Magnet Middle School:

Chelsey Courtright (Guidance Counselor):

Deb Crofts (Guidance Counselor):

West Side STEM Magnet Middle School:

Marissa Gallo (Guidance Counselor):

Kathryn Mazzarella (Guidance Counselor):

Judy Evans (WSMS Community Coordinator):

Catherine Kolnaski Magnet School:

Christine Dauphinais (Principal):

Heather Parsons (School Psychologist):

Charles Barnum Elementary School:

Seth Danner (Principal):

Christy Post (Asst Principal):

*Alexandrea Martino (2nd Grade Teacher) 

Claude Chester Elementary School:

Amber Monahan (Special Education): 

Megan Bibby (Asst Principal):

Mary Morrisson Elementary School:

Kathleen Miner (Principal):

Ada M Allen (Asst. Principal):

Katie Vanasse (School Psychologist):

Northeast Academy Arts Magnet School:

Paul Esposito (Principal):

Stephanie Wheeler (Asst. Principal):

S.B. Butler Elementary School:

Steve Wheeler (Principal):

Pam Porter (Asst Principal):