State of Connecticut

Office of Emergency School Fact Sheet

School Fact Sheet

The Millstone towns and their host community and reception centers are:

  • East Lyme, Old Lyme and Lyme – Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven
  • Groton City and Groton Town – Kelly Middle School, Norwich
  • New London and Fishers Island – Windham High School, Windham
  • Ledyard – UCONN Field House, Mansfield/Storrs
  • Montville and Waterford– East Hartford High School, East Hartford

When schools are in session and an evacuation is ordered during the school day, students will be evacuated to the same location as the general public for that town. Parents may pick up their children at the reception center designated for each community. Parents are asked not to attempt to pick up their children at the school. Families will be reunited at the reception center.

Each community has plans in place for such a situation. The superintendent of each school system and each school principal follow specific procedures for the safe handling of school children. Children will be accounted for and supervised at all times. At least one school official will accompany the children on the bus to the reception center. A copy of the current school roster, the day’s absentee list and emergency parent or designee notification list will be brought to the host community reception center.

Upon arriving at the reception center, school authorities are prepared to manage the issue of those students who have an explicitly authorized parent/guardian; to assure that the student is released only to an authorized person. School nurses are instructed to bring medicines prescribed for students and health alert information.

Classes that are away from school on field trips are contacted and directed to go to the Host Community.

Signs will be posted at the school to indicate that the school has been evacuated and where the students have gone.

If a school system decides on a precautionary transfer of students to a host community, families will be notified. Schools calling for early dismissal will follow the same procedures as they do for snow days.