Report Cards


PowerSchool Parent Portal – Viewing Report Cards

Follow the steps below to view your student’s report card Once you Login to The PowerSchool Parent Portal.
  • Report cards must be viewed in a web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari. They are not in the PowerSchool Mobile App.


1. Click on the Menu item ‘Student Reports’ in the left Navigation column

  • Tip (Image 1a)  If you aren’t seeing the menu below click on the arrows in the corner to un-hide the menu bar.


2. Select the Report Card listed Under the Currently Published Reports.

  • The first report listed should be the most recent; Archived reports from prior years are available below.


3. Your child’s report card should open in a new tab or window, from here you can print and view previous report cards.

*IEP Progress Reports will be sent by case manager in an encrypted email.