Farm to School

OCTOBER IS national farm to school month!

It takes a community to feed a community.

Do you love ... ABSOLUTELY LOVE ... Connecticut-grown apples and pears?  We do, too!  Besides crunching into these delicious fruits, our Farm-to-School team offers engaging activities, must-make recipes, and more autumn apple fun!


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Juicy Facts from Put Local on Your Tray
Connecticut's Farm-to-School Network

In the Past: Apple trees belong to the rose family, and originated in Central Asia in the mountains of southern Kazakhastan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and China. It is perhaps the earliest tree to be cultivated for food.

In the Soil: There are 7,500 recognized varieties of apple today around the world. Apples grow only in temperate climates because they need a cold period in which to go dormant. Some trees can withstand temperatures down to -40 F.

In the Kitchen: Each apple variety ripens at a different time of season, and has a unique combination of firmness, crispness, acidity, juiciness, and sweetness. These factors make some varieties more suited to eating fresh, and others to storing or cooking.

In the Body: Apples are a wonderful source of potassium and vitamin C. They also contain pectin, which supports healthy cholesterol, blood sugar, and cellulose levels. The apple skin is where most of these beneficial nutrients are concentrated.

In Connecticut: Out of the 7,500 varieties of apple worldwide, 60 are grown right here in Connecticut. Our apples are generally available from mid July through the end of December.

Thank you for participating in our Fall Community Dinner!

Because of your overwhelming response, we sold out early and were busy from start to finish providing you with take-out dinners in an exciting first-for-us drive-thru event.  Proceeds from the fall dinner will be used to purchase inside work tables, benches and additional equipment to make our new interactive, educational green house a work of HEART!