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Groton Education Foundation

Groton Education Foundation

The Groton Education Foundation (GEF) is a non-profit organization, incorporated by the State of Connecticut and staffed by volunteers - all citizens concerned with the quality of education in Groton.

The Foundation's goal is to support learning innovation and to promote learning excellence in our community. By pooling donated money, the Foundation is able to provide teachers, librarians, and other educators with readily accessible resources to pilot learning projects and to help develop new learning processes.

Since the Foundation's grant program began in 1997, over $10,000 per year has been given to educators in our community to expand the horizons of our children.  To date, the GEF has given away over $217,000 to educational programs within the Groton community.

The Foundation is independent of all public and other private organizations. And since volunteers do all the Foundation's work, donations translate directly into grants for learning initiatives.


Please consider making a donation to the GEF! 


Each year, the Foundation solicits mini - grant applications from Groton schools, public and private, and from other education institutions, such as Groton's librarians, The Groton Senior Center, Art Associations, and Historical Associations. Each year the Foundation looks to build on past successes, continuing and expanding some projects, while providing startup funding for others.

Recently, the GEF has also begun to award larger, extended grants of up to $5,000.00 for innovative educational programs.  These grants are awarded once a year to up to three programs.

Deadlines for Grant Applications: 

Mini & Extended Grants: October 1

Mini-Grants ONLY: April 30



Virtually every public school - elementary, middle and high school - in Groton has benefited from a Foundation grant. In addition, Sacred Heart School, the TVCCA Head Start Program, the three Groton Libraries, the Groton Senior Center, the Mystic Art Association, and Ella Grasso Technical High School have all participated in the grants program.


The Groton Education Foundation supports enrichment and excellence in education in Groton. Groton's teachers, librarians, and educational institutions are encouraged and energized by the grant program. The number of grant applications grows every year. All of the funding for grants comes from donations, and our efforts in supporting them can only be successful with your help.

Donations, inquiries and requests for grant applications can be sent to:

Groton Education Foundation, Inc

P.O. Box 825

Groton, CT 06340-0825

You may e-mail inquiries to:

Groton Education Foundation




Julie Cagle

Vice President:

Marian Galbraith


Sandy Barnes


John Espada


Board of Directors

Celena Appleby

Paula Bell

Ellen Dieckerhoff

Valerie Gamble

Andrew Ilvento

Barbara Nagy

Carol Pratt

Laura Quashnie

Sandie Scott

Chaz Zezulka