Article VII: Executive Board

Section 1:
The officers of this organization and chairmen of active standing committees (to be determined by the Executive Board) shall constitute the Executive Board.

Section 2:
The duties of the executive board shall be to:

  • Transact necessary business in the intervals between association meetings.
  • Present a report at the regular meetings to the association.
  • Approve plans of work of all officers and chairmen.
  • Create standing and special committees.
  • Fill vacancies of officers.

Section 3:
Four members of the board constitute a quorum

Section 4:
The Executive Board will hear all requests for individual team fundraising, to benefit a specific sport/activity, and provide approval for any such requests as long as these individual team campaigns do not conflict with each other and are consistent with the policies set forth by the schools administration concerning such campaigns. The Athletic Director, or designated representative in his/her absence, will determine if a request for an individual team fundraiser is consistent with the schools policies.  

Section 5:
The Executive Board will approve no such requests for individual team fundraising unless that sport/activity representative can establish that parents or members of that sport/activity have contributed to the financial success of the booster clubs general fund. Specifically, providing personnel to help run the concession stands at football, basketball, fencing, volleyball, wrestling and other  events as deemed appropriate by the Concession Director and/or Athletic Director..

Section 6:
On the occasion that a Fitch student/athlete is bestowed the honor of being selected to participate in an all-star game for his/her high school performance in their sport, the Executive Board will consider a request made by the cognizant head coach to pay for fees associated with that student-athlete participation.  If the Executive board approves such a request, the money will come from the club’s general fund.  Any request for sponsorship of team or individual sport camp fees shall be at the discretion of the cognizant head coach and shall come from that teams individual line item account, if one exists within the club’s treasury, and if the head coach deems financial need is present.

Section 7:
Prior to the end of June of the school calendar year, the Executive Board will identify the balance of the clubs general fund, after all liabilities have been paid, or have been identified and subtracted from this balance.  The Executive Board will take exactly half of this balance and divide it into equal amounts between each team, within  the athletic department, that meets ALL of the following requirements:

  • Monthly Meeting Attendance:  The team must have a representative at a minimum of 7 out of 10 regular monthly club meeting throughout the preceding school calendar year.  The attending representative is expected to inform that team’s coaching staff of all the information disseminated at that meeting.  If an individual is representing more than one team at a meeting, that individual is expected to pass along the information to the coaching staff for each team they represent.  If a team has more than one representative at a meeting, those individuals must agree who will pass along the information.
  • Fundraising Participation:  The team must have invested a minimum of 18 man hours of help at any fundraising event or activity organized by the Booster Club over the duration of the preceding school calendar year. The Executive Board will maintain attendance logs at each of these events to record individual man hours. An individual may only represent one team per man hour.  Fractions of whole hours at any event will be rounded to the nearest whole hour.

Student Athletes are allowed and encouraged to participate in investing man hours of help at the rate of 2 Student Athletes per 1 adult individual present at the event.  Due to the limited size of the Indoor Concession Stand, a maximum of 4 individuals at any one time will be allowed.  Exceptions to certain events that require more than 4 volunteers shall be made at the discretion of the Concession Director and/or the Athletic Director.

The funds awarded to a qualifying team will be transferred from the clubs general fund into that teams account within the clubs treasury.  These funds can be used at the Head Coach’s discretion and do not require approval from the Executive Board.

Section 8: 
At the completion of each of the three sports seasons, the Executive Board will award a $ 100.00 incentive bonus to the team, from the preceding season, with the highest percentage of parents and student-athletes that are active members of the booster club.The bonus will be transferred from the club’s general fund into that team’s account within the club’s treasury.  This bonus can be used at the Head Coach’s discretion.