Article VI: Elections & Removal of Officers

Section 1:
At the regular meeting held in March, a nominating committee of at least three active members shall be elected by the Active Boosters. It shall be the duty of this committee to present all interested persons for offices to the membership for vote at the annual meeting. The nominating committee shall, at the same time, seek interested persons for standing committee chairmen.

Section 2:
All officers shall be elected by ballot at the Annual Meeting.

Section 3:
All officers shall hold office for a one year period beginning with the August meeting.

Section 4:
An officer may hold office for more than one term.

Section 5:
Any officer may be removed from office by a two-thirds majority vote of Active Boosters present, provided all Active Boosters are notified by mail no less than two weeks prior to a regular meeting at which time this action shall be taken. Upon removal of said officer, nominations from the floor shall be accepted for the vacant position at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The vote shall take place at the same meeting and the new officer shall serve for the unexpired term.