Article V: Officers and Duties

Section 1: Officers

  • Each officer must be a member of this organization.
  • Officers of this organization shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • An individual must be a member prior to taking office.
  • Officers shall assume their official duties following the close of the school year and shall serve a term of one year.

Section 2:  The president shall

  • Coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the organization.
  • Confirm the quorum is present before conducting and business at any meeting.
  • Appoints chairman of special committees subject to approval of the executive board.
  • Be authorized to sign on bank accounts (two or three authorizations shall be required on all checks)
  • Submit a copy of its bylaws to the Fitch High School Principal.
  • Submit GPS all required documents when requested.

Section 3: Vice President shall

  • Act as aide to the president, and 
  • Presides in the absence of the president

Section 4: The secretary shall

  • Record all minutes of all meeting of the club.
  • Is responsible for correspondence.
  • Have a current copy of the bylaws: and 
  • Maintains a current membership list.

Section 5: The treasurer shall

  • Have custody of all funds of the organization;
  • Keep books of account and records including bank statements, receipts, budgets, invoices, paid receipts and cancelled checks for five years.
  • Makes disbursements in accordance with the budget.
  •  Sign on bank accounts
  • Presents a financial report, both written and verbal, at every meeting and as requested by the executive board.
  • Make a full report at the annual meeting.
  • Submits books to the auditor as requested.

Section 6: All officers shall

  • Attend all meetings of the association.
  • Perform the duties outlined in these bylaws.
  • Deliver to their successors or the president all official materials within (15) days following the date at which their successors assume their duties.