Article IV: Meetings

Section 1:

  • This organization shall hold a minimum of ten (10) meetings a year.
  • Regular meetings of this organization shall be held monthly, except for the month of July.
  • Regular meeting dates and times will be established by the Executive Board during the first meeting of the year.
  • The regular meeting in April shall be the election meeting.
  • The annual meeting in August and June shall be for the purpose of receiving reports of officers and committees, and any other business.

Section 2:
The President may call special meetings of this organization when he/she deems it for the best interest of the organization. Notice of said meeting shall be in writing. No other business but that specified may be transacted at such a special meeting without unanimous consent of all Active Boosters present at such meeting.

Section 3:
A quorum at a regular meeting shall consist of at least six Active Boosters including at least one officer.

Section 4:
All meetings, all votes shall be by voice. If any active member present questions the interpretation of the voice vote, a vote by ballot shall be taken. The Executive Board may vote for a paper ballot for a particular issue when deemed necessary.

Section 5:
No votes by proxy are permitted.

Section 6:
An issue is considered passed when approved by a majority of the active members present.