Youth Sponsorship Program

Military families experience frequent relocations. Moving around so much can be really tough.  When youth transition to a new community, it can be scary and exciting.   The Youth Sponsorship Program is a way to make the move to a new area a little less scary.


Common Questions youth may have

  • Who will be my friends?
  • What will my new school be like?
  • What activities or sports are available?
  • Will I fit in?
  • What are the other kids wearing?

The Youth Sponsorship Programs consists of three major components

  1. Outreach - Identify incoming youth, providing them with information and opportunities before they arrive
  2. Newcomer Orientation - Providing information and materials on the programs and services available on the installation and in the surrounding community
  3. Peer to Peer - Connecting youth currently attached to the installation with a Youth Sponsor


Moving to the area and interested in a connecting with a Youth Sponsor? Please click here to visit New London Subase Youth Center