Principal's Message


Dear families,

It is starting to feel a little like spring and before you know it it will be here!   Our second trimester is ending and the third will begin this month.  It is a time of the school year when concentrating on academics might become more challenging for some students.  We know how important it is for children to take advantage of opportunities to participate in team sports and other after school activities, so, this is a great time of the school year to teach your child about managing time by helping them use a calendar to mark important dates for baseball or soccer games, and for school activities too!  If the family has weekend plans, include those events on the calendar.  This will provide a visual reminder of what your child will need to include in his or her time management plan.

Mary Morrisson has once again been recognized as a top-performing school!   We are considered in the top 10% based on school improvement!   The Next Generation Accountability System and the Connecticut State Department of Education has recognized 162 schools across the state as Schools of Distinction.   Congratulations to Mary Morrisson’s students, staff, and families – Well done!

We are looking forward to Parent-Teacher Conferences on April 1st and 2nd.   Conferences provide our teachers an opportunity to share your child’s strengths and successes and it is also a good time to set goals for the rest of the year!  If you haven’t already signed up for one, feel free to contact your child’s teacher.   Our success relies on the partnership between the family and the school.  I encourage you to make every effort to participate in school activities and to discuss with your child the daily events and the learning that takes place here at Mary Morrisson.  This kind of discussion reinforces learning and promotes student success!

The third trimester is traditionally the time for annual state tests - and soon it will be time for our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders to take the new, more rigorous, online assessment called SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) tests in Science, English Language Arts and Mathematics. 

The SBAC state testing is aligned with the CT Core Standards, which are designed to prepare Mary Morrisson students to succeed in college and the workforce some day!  Our teachers integrate the CT Core Standards into lessons at Mary Morrisson every day.  

Below is a summary of some of the key points of CT Core Standards:

English Language Arts/Literacy:

  • Focus on non-fiction, careful/close reading
  • Discuss reading and write using evidence
  • Increase academic vocabulary


  • Learn more about fewer concepts
  • Focus on skill building, speed and accuracy
  • Use of real world examples to better understand concepts

We will be sharing more testing info as the time gets closer! 

Finally, remember that we will all enjoy a spring vacation next month.  School will be closed April 10th -  April 17th.  It is a rejuvenating time of year so, try to get outside and enjoy the time with your family!

Looking forward to spring!

 - Mrs. Miner