Principal's Message


Dear families,

This has truly been a year unlike any other. We are so proud of how hard students have worked to build a reading life both inside and outside the classroom. Mary Morrisson students and families are remarkable! As summer approaches, let's aim to keep this momentum going.

Our goal at Mary Morrisson?   We want children to read every day!

Research* suggests that students who do not read over the summer can lose up to "20 percent of their school-year reading gains."   "Students who read during the summer gain an average of 1 month of reading proficiency.  Students who don’t read, lose an average of 2-3 months’ proficiency.  Over time, those lost months add up to years.”

You can help prevent this loss, by reading with your children and by encouraging your children to make reading part of their daily summer life!  At Mary Morrisson, we believe that readers are leaders! 

Let's commit to Summer reading 2020!

There's so much going on in the summer, that it's important to schedule time just for reading and for parents to help our students keep their Summer Reading Challenge Journal!  We’ve sent home a package of books for the kids to start their summer reading, and students who participate will be included in an ice cream truck celebration when they return in September.  So keep that reading log handy this summer and remember - Kids, who read, succeed!  

I am speaking not only for myself, but for our staff as well, when I say to you that we truly appreciate the opportunity to work with your children.  We look forward to a great 2020-21 school year.  So for now, have fun with your child this summer, but don’t let learning take a vacation!

Enjoy the summer!

 - Mrs. Miner