Principal's Message


Dear Mary Morrisson Families,

It doesn’t seem possible but we have successfully completed our first months of school and are now planning for November. This pandemic has challenged all of us, but with teamwork we have made it work for our children. The staff has made sure everyone feels as confident and safe as possible. And the teachers have worked hard re-establishing what matters most – our community of learners, whether in-person or virtual. While you are working at home with your child – here are a few tips from Mary Morrisson teachers to make remote learning as successful as possible:

🌟Designate a workspace for your child(ren) to use as their Distance Learning space and stick to a schedule.

🌟Check the assignments your child needs to do daily and remember it is important for them to complete their own work independently.

🌟Limit the distractions during the time that your child is completing assignments and/or participating in live lessons.

🌟Plan movement and breaks for your child. Some children also prefer standing when completing assignments.

🌟Communicate with your child’s teacher through email or Remind if you have questions about an assignment

🌟Praise your child’s efforts!

Daily Attendance for students who are in Full Distance Learning and the days that Hybrid students are Distance Learning.
In order to be marked in attendance students must:

  • Log-in to learning management system i.e. SeeSaw or Google Classroom
  • Students attend a class meeting or answer a question of the day.
  • Students attend mini-lessons, watch the video recording of the lesson, or pre-recorded lessons.
  • Complete required assignments by the end of the school day. For families working during late afternoon/early evening hours, please communicate this with your child’s classroom teacher.
  • Teacher will monitor attendance during the day and the next morning.

We continue to keep a close watch on the increase of COVID-19 cases across our region.  As a reminder, any student who is not feeling well or has had contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 or is awaiting a test result, should stay home, contact their medical provider, and call the school to speak to our school nurse, Robyn Generali, RN.

The symptoms of coronavirus are similar to the regular seasonal flu and may include fever, runny nose / congestion, sore throat, coughing, and shortness of breath.

When student(s) should stay home:

  • Students should stay home if they are sick, have symptoms of COVID-19, are awaiting test results, or tested positive.
  • Students should stay home if they may be a “Close Contact” of a person with COVID-19 and get tested. If students are asymptomatic or feel well enough to work from home, they should request remote learning during this time of quarantine.

Please visit the district webpage for additional resources and information.

-Mrs. Miner