Principal's Message

Dear families,

Welcome 2020!  We’re off to a great start to the new year!

My best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy New Year!  We are looking forward to the new learning that will take place during the year 2020! 

It’s always great to see our Mary Morrisson parents and students on Family Nights and this month the teachers have planned a Family MATH Night on Tuesday, January 28th from 5 – 6 PM.  Look for a flyer soon!

Commendation goes to you, the parents and families, of our students.  Without your daily support of your child’s education, our school could not meet our goal of success for all students.  We are looking forward to another year working with our  families!

Don’t be fooled by the mild weather we have had this past December. Winter is ready to hit this week and here at Mary Morrisson we go out for recess in the cold and snowy weather!  Students should come to school prepared to go outdoors – generally only temperatures with wind chill of 20 degrees or lower keeps us inside.

Next week Tuesday the 14th will be an early dismissal day for students as Mary Morrisson teachers continue their own learning!  Please plan for early dismissal at 1:12 PM on Tuesday the 14th!

We can never review too often the importance of good bus behavior!  If your child rides the bus, please go over the following the bus rules. The rules are few: (1) Backs against the seat, (2) Backpacks on your lap, and (3) Quiet voices!  Should there be a problem they should let the bus driver and me know as soon as possible.

2020 School-Wide New Year’s Resolutions

We Will Read Every Night!

This is the month that most of us start thinking about our New Year Resolutions.  Here are some family reading resolutions you can stick to!  They’re easy and fun and they will all help encourage your child to become a better reader.  All students should read a minimum of 20-30 minutes each night.  Parents please help and encourage your children to fulfill this resolution.

* Read with your child every day.  Reading aloud is the most important thing you can do to encourage a love of reading.  As you read, you also help build your child’s vocabulary and their interest in reading.

* Make a comfy place for your child to read.  It should be away from the television & computer.

* Visit authors’ websites together.  Check out the Student Links page on our website for lots of great literacy sites to visit - they’ll love the activities on these recommended websites!

* Take your children to the public library.  Get in the family habit of visiting the library each week to borrow books.

Good luck with your resolutions and I hope 2020 is a great new year for all!

 -Mrs. Miner