PBIS: Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

Program Overview

 At Mary Morrisson we have implemented a program called PBIS or Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports. Our goal is to create a school-wide environment that is positive, preventative, predictable and effective for the behavior of all children. Students will be taught positive behaviors, routines, and cues that will be encouraged by all faculty and staff in all school environments. Our goal is to:

  • Create cultures of positive behaviors
  • Reduce behavior disruptions.
  • Create appropriate environments to educate all students

The MM Teaching Matrix is posted in every classroom and is used to teach expected positive learning behaviors. All students are encouraged to “Be Respectful, Responsible and Safe".

How Do School Personnel Use Data To Problem Solve?

The most obvious indicator of behavior problems is the number of office referrals submitted by school staff.  At Mary Morrisson, we track student office referrals through a web-based program called SWIS - School-wide Information System.  From this information, we can identify patterns early and develop strategies to decrease behavioral problems.

  • Minor Incident referral: Minor level behaviors are those that do not require administrator involvement, do not significantly violate the rights of others, do not put others at risk or harm, or are not chronic.
  • Major Office referral: Major level behaviors are those that require administrative involvement, significantly violate the rights of others, put others at risk or harm, or are chronic.

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