Technology Help

  • Power School, Chromebook or Google Classroom Access Assistance


  • If you’ve recently changed either your Chromebook or Google Classroom password, please try your new password in the account you’re unable to access before calling the office. 

NOTE: If you’ve forgotten your password and make three attempts (guesses), you will be locked out of your account. You will need to wait a while and try again. 


  • If you have a camera, sound, or any quality issue with your school issued Chromebook, try logging out of all applications and then turn off your computer. Give it a minute or two and turn it back on. 


  • Plug in your computer! Many students are having trouble because they are letting the battery completely run out.



  • Per school policy...You will not be let into a Zoom class if you are not using your real name.


  • Email your teacher if you are having trouble connecting to a Zoom class at the time of the class. 


Still having tech trouble? Call or email GMS Main Office Secretary Ms. Halliwell 860-446-4200, ext. 0 -