Technology Help

  • Power School, Chromebook or Google Classroom Access Assistance

    • Call or email our Guidance Secretaries Mrs. Lake, or Mrs. Weber, - 860-446-4203


  • If you’ve recently changed either your Chromebook or Google Classroom password, please try your new password in the account you’re unable to access before calling the office. 

NOTE: If you’ve forgotten your password and make three attempts (guesses), you will be locked out of your account. You will need to wait a while and try again. 


  • If you have a camera, sound, or any quality issue with your school issued Chromebook, try logging out of all applications and then turn off your computer. Give it a minute or two and turn it back on. 


  • Plug in your computer! Many students are having trouble because they are letting the battery completely run out.

Still having tech trouble? Call or email GMS Main Office Secretary Ms. Halliwell 860-446-4200, ext. 0 -