Attendance Highlights


  • If your child will be absent for all or part of the day, call 860-446-4200, press 1 for the attendance line.
    • Leave your name, your child’s name, grade and reason for absence.
    • This absence will be recorded in Power School as UNEXCUSED (UNX).
    • When Ms. Halliwell,, receives a handwritten note from a parent/guardian the absence will be EXCUSED (EXC).


  • Early dismissal - please have your child bring a note to the office before homeroom.

    • Your child will be given an early dismissal pass so they may come to the office at dismissal time.
    • Please call the office, 860-446-4200, to speak with Ms. Halliwell or email her to report an unplanned early dismissal.
    • A valid i.d. is required when picking up a student from GMS even if you have been to the school many times.


  • You will receive an automated attendance call stating your child is absent, UNV in Power School, if:

    • You do not call the school to report your child's absence, or
    • Your child does not come to school


  • Although we encourage your child to email their teachers and Ms. Halliwell, they cannot excuse themselves from school.


2021 - 22 School Year Calendar

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