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Learning Expectations and Student Schedule





The following schedule is for Hybrid Learning Days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, when one cohort is learning at school and the other cohort is remote.



When You Are Learning at Home On Remote Days:

1. Check your school email at least twice a day – once in the morning at 8AM and once in the afternoon at the end of Block 3 (or Block 3 Period 6).

2. Know your schedule.  Mondays and Thursdays you will follow your A Day schedule; Tuesdays and Fridays you will follow your B Day schedule. The “A” and “B” days in the schedule refer to a specific set of classes for those days for all students, and are not to be confused with “Cohort A” and “Cohort B” – these are completely different and refer to groups of students.

3. Check in to your class at the start of each class period by completing the check in activity which is posted on the Google Classroom for that class.  This could be a variety of things from answering a question and clicking the submit button, to attending a class Zoom meeting.  This is how attendance is taken.  

4. If you are having difficulty logging in for the check in activity at the start of class, you will need to complete the following form found at this link: Student Log-In Issues Form.  If you are unable to complete this form due to internet connectivity issues, you must call the school office at (860) 446-4200 and select option zero to let us know so that we can mark you as present for attendance purposes.

5. Complete the learning activities assigned to you for the class period.  Again, this could be a variety of assignments from watching an instructional video, reading text and answering questions, attending a live streamed mini-lesson with your teacher, or other types of learning activities.  You may be asked to join a class meeting or participate in live streamed instruction at a specific time during the class period.

6. Turn in your work on time.  Your teacher will indicate when learning activities and assignments are due.  Be sure to click the submit button once you have completed a task.



1. Check into your Advisory Google Classroom at 9AM and participate in your Advisory Zoom meeting.  This is how attendance will be taken.

2.  Know your teachers’ live Zoom office hours, and participate in them, particularly if you need clarification on something or have questions about what you are learning.  The office hours for each teacher can be found in their Google Classrooms.