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Chromebook Agreement Form

 Chromebook Authorized Use Policy and Loan Agreement

This Chromebook Loan Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into by and between the Groton Public Schools (GPS), the student and his or her Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and sets forth the terms and conditions of the student’s use of a Chromebook that is owned by and the property of Groton Public Schools.  This Agreement becomes effective the date of execution below and continues until the student graduates or withdraws from the Groton Public Schools.


Groton Public Schools has implemented a one device/one student model of instruction.  As part of this model, students will be issued a Chromebook.  The intent of issuing a Chromebook to a student is to allow for the device to be taken with the student during the day for classroom instruction. It is the intent of the program is designed to help support students in their learning. The Chromebook is to be used solely for educational purposes and is not to be used recreationally or for personal purposes.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The Chromebook has been configured by Groton Public Schools Technology Department with the approved software and applications to meet the needs of the student and the security requirements of Groton Public School’s network and to ensure compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).  The student is responsible for keeping the Chromebook in good working order.  The student must use the Chromebook in accordance with the Groton Public Schools “Appropriate Use Policy” and other relevant School policies and procedures. 
  2. While it is the student’s responsibility to keep the Chromebook in good working order, Groton Public Schools recognizes that accidents can occur.   Thus, Groton Public Schools will cover no more than 2 major accidental incidents not to exceed $120 per repair (for example, screen repair, motherboard replacement) that occur due to handling of the device.  If a repair exceeds $120, the student will be charged the difference. After two events, the student will not be issued a replacement.   The student is responsible for immediately reporting to their teacher any software /hardware problems, or any other damage to the Chromebook.  The student and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) are solely responsible for paying the cost of repairs or replacement of the Chromebook as deemed necessary by the District.  Chromebook repair costs follow the school’s Accountability Policy.  Students will be charged a $10 fee every time the Chromebook is turned in for a repair.
  3. Students are solely responsible for the care and safekeeping of their Chromebooks. Any loss or damage to Chromebooks (outside of reasonable wear and tear, and as outlined previously in the loan agreement), will be the strict financial responsibility of the students’ parent(s)/guardian(s).  Students must immediately report damage to GPS.   Students are not permitted to repair, alter, modify or replace Chromebooks without express authorization from GPS.   In the event of a lost or stolen device, a police report must be filed.   The student and/or parent/guardian is responsible for the replacement cost of the device. 
  4. All materials provided to the student on loan must be returned no later than five (5) School days prior to the end of school or student’s transfer or withdrawal from the Groton Public Schools, unless specifically agreed upon in writing as a result of extenuating circumstances requiring the student to extend his/her use of the device.
  5. Devices provided on loan by GPS must be used in compliance with the GPS Appropriate Use Policy and other GPS policies and procedures, a copy of which has been signed and acknowledged by the parent/guardian and student is kept on file at school.
  6. All material loaned to the student must be maintained for the use of the individual student to whom it has been assigned.
  7. Students have no privacy rights in the use of their Chromebooks. All Chromebook activities, including communications, Internet history, or other uses, are subject to monitoring by GPS. GPS’ representatives may inspect and, if they deem necessary confiscate, any student’s Chromebook at any time without prior notice.
  8. Settings and profiles set on the Chromebook are to be adhered to at all times.  The deletion of any profile or setting change is prohibited.
  9. Any viewing, sharing or transmission of Chromebook material containing inappropriate content, offensive language, derogatory rumors/gossip, or other content not in keeping with GPS’s Appropriate Use Policy is prohibited.
  10. Certain Internet materials may not be copied or reproduced without the permission of the author or other right-holder. It is the student’s responsibility to respect and adhere to all copyright, trademark, and other intellectual rights and trade secrets laws.
  11. This Chromebook Authorized Use Policy applies to GPS students at all times, whether or not the students are on campus.


By signing this Agreement, you acknowledge and expressly agree to be responsible for the device and peripherals that are loaned to you and take full financial responsibility for any damage or loss that occurs to the Chromebook as outlined above.  You further acknowledge and expressly agree to the above terms and conditions voluntarily, willingly, and knowingly, for good consideration, and having had the opportunity to consult with any representative you deem necessary.

Finally, you acknowledge that you have read and reviewed the District’s Appropriate Use Policy and by signing below agree to abide by the terms of such policy.

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Accessories Supplied

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Chromebook Charger    
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Replacement Costs of Chromebook: $250.00



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