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STEAM and the International Baccalaureatte Middle Years Programme at GMS


Our STEAM Magnet Theme Coordinators:

The STEAM Coordinators provide instructional support and collaborative coaching to GMS teachers as they work to implement the Common Core State Standards and International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme in a STEAM integrated model. The STEAM coaches work with teachers to support the integration of science, technology, engineering, media art, visual art, theater, dance, music, world languages, interdisciplinary humanities and math to create effective STEAM learning experiences for students. As a coach and collaborator to teachers, the STEAM coordinators provide support in the designing of STEAM units and lessons, providing content knowledge in STEAM and working with EXPECT/MSAP grant community partners to integrate STEAM both in and outside the classroom for students to experience real world situations.


Groton Middle School STEAM Coordinator:

Leslie Forbes,



Our International baccaluareate Middle Years programme (ib/myp) Coordinator:

The role of the IB/MYP Coordinator is to plan and oversee the implementation and management of the program. Through coordination with teachers, administrators, and the IB regional office, the coordinator is responsible for the full delivery of the curriculum including documentation, reporting, analysis and evaluation. 


Groton Middle School IB/MYP Coordinator:

Kathy Wilson,




GMS 6th Graders Blues Songs Performed by Musician Adam Taylor


Grade 6 Groton Middle School Students participated in The Blues and Beyond (TB&B), a 12-part educational program that tells the story of African Americans from slavery to present day through music, narration, video and still images. Students, through the language of music were engaged and immersed in African American history which helped them gain better understanding and appreciation for historic awareness, social emotional learning, and anti-bias and anti-racism education.

TB&B curriculum culminated with each student writing their own Blues songs and 15 student lyrics were selected to be set to music and sung by musician, Adam Taylor. Below is the video of the virtual performances showcasing the fifteen student winners that was unveiled for the Groton Middle School students and their families.





Groton Middle School is a candidate school* for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme / Diploma Programme and pursuing authorization as an IB World School.