8th Grade




Dear Eighth Graders,

Welcome to eighth grade! Where has the time gone?  Not too long ago, you were transitioning from elementary school to middle school, and now it is time to begin transitioning from middle school to high school. Many of you probably think, “I was just getting comfortable here at GMS, and soon I will be moving on to high school.”  If you are new to GMS, that sense of comfort doesn’t even apply.  These feelings of nervousness are normal and healthy. And, guess what? There are so many caring adults, some of whom you have developed strong-positive relationships, who will work tirelessly to create a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment for you. Lean into those already established adult relationships, but I strongly encourage you to forge new adult relationships.  Whether you are on team Tautog, Nautilus, Finback, Seal, or Toledo, take advantage of the team structure to build peer and adult relationships.        

I also encourage you to take full advantage of our MYP courses, STEAM offerings, and extracurricular activities.  Our curricula and extracurricular activities provide ample opportunities for you to grow your independence and interdependence. Challenge yourself, and strive to achieve. If you struggle, it is okay. It is part of the process of learning. Advocate for yourself by seeking out an adult. Remember, many caring school adults are eager to assist you but don’t forget about your friends and family members. I’m confident they are equally happy to support you as well.  Beyond the ordinary course of study, don’t forget we also offer team sports, instrumentals, performances, and clubs. So, get on the court, field, or track, dust off that instrument, warm-up vocal cords, act, dance, fish, or be a social justice warrior.  Be sure to EXPLORE!!!

We are committed to ensuring that all students S.O.A.R., which means we expect you to be Safe, caring, and balanced in your actions. You are Open-minded, inquiring, risk-taking, and thought-provoking in your reasoning. You are Accountable, knowledgeable, and reflective in your undertaking.  And you are Reflective, principled, and communicative in your ideas. 

Lastly, you can SOAR higher than an eagle because we are the wind beneath your wings. Have a great year!

With kind regards,

Jemal Davis, 

GMS Assistant Principal, 8th-grade



Jemal Davis, Assistant Principal


8th Grade School Counselors:

Haley Fratus
Leah Mucciarone


8th Grade Teams



All supplies are suggested only. The one item you will need is a backpack. If you are in need of a backpack, please email our guidance secretaries.

Helen Lake - hlake@groton.k12.ct.us or Lynn Perkins - lperkins@groton.k12.ct.us


Suggested Supply Lists





Walker Cook, Social Studies
Chad Fleming, Language Arts
Katherine Lucy, Math
Benjamin Strouse, Science
Ann Marie McLean, Special Education




Andrew Ilvento, Social Studies
Laura Quashnie, Language Arts
Anna Stout, Math
Jacques Beriau, Science
Clare DePeter-Powers, Special Education




Daniel Royle, Social Studies
Bradley Vernet, Language Arts
Michael Rege, Math
Susan Conway-Fenn, Science
Celeste Duffy, Special Education