7th Grade




Dear Groton Middle School Community:

I am extremely excited for this school year and am thankful to have the opportunity to serve as the 7th Grade Assistant Principal here at Groton Middle School.  I am looking forward to continuing to foster strong relationships between students, families and the school.  I believe that when all three of these stakeholders are working together towards the same goal we can experience extraordinary success.  I will work tirelessly to continue to support a learning environment that is respectful, supportive and welcoming to all.  

7th grade is a very formative year for our students. Be assured that our teachers, counselors and support staff are always working incredibly hard to find new ways to connect with students, maintain levels of support and provide a meaningful and interactive educational experience.  Our courses and programs are designed to focus on the social, emotional and educational development of all our Groton Middle School students.  The overall goal is to help all students here at GMS reach their potential and become informed, reflective and well rounded global citizens. 

I encourage you to communicate with me if you have any questions, concerns or would like to share some ideas.  I am always willing to listen and to work together to provide the best possible support for all our students. . 


Keith Danieluk

Assistant Principal


Office- 860-446-4213

Text- 860-235-1256



Keith Danieluk, Assistant Principal


7th Grade School Counselors:

Kathryn Mazzarella
Chad Parks


7th Grade Teams


All supplies are suggested only. The one item you will need is a backpack. If you are in need of a backpack, please email our guidance secretaries.

Helen Lake - hlake@groton.k12.ct.us or Lynn Perkins - lperkins@groton.k12.ct.us


Suggested Supply Lists





Laura Johnson, Social Studies
Beth Reinhold, Language Arts
Laura Irace, Math
Jake Browne, Science
David Morgan, Special Education




Silvana Panucci, Social Studies
Michelle Mokrzewski, Language Arts
Robert Panucci, Math
Molly Condron, Science
Frank Herrick, Special Education




Catherine Fedeli, Social Studies
Alyssa Delaporta, Language Arts
Jesse Masterson, Math
Brooke Fiore, Science
Samantha Foster, Special Education