7th Grade




Dear Seventh Graders and Families,

Welcome to seventh grade! Let me begin by commending our educational community for their resilience and faith; together we were able to navigate the unprecedented challenges of the 2020-2021 school year. GMS is graced with some incredible people - STUDENTS, TEACHERS, and FAMILIES!!!

Here at GMS, the seventh grade can be an inspiring period; there is something for everyone. We are overly proud of our curricula and extracurricular activities as they provide abundant opportunities to promote independence and interdependence. Students are engaged in traditional core courses and courses in world language, technology, design, art, engineering, and music. Beyond the ordinary course of study, we also offer team sports, instrumentals, performances, and clubs. Collectively, our course offerings and extracurricular activities provide a comprehensive middle school educational experience. Be sure to EXPLORE!!!

School counselors Ms. Farris and Ms. Courtright have transitioned to the seventh grade to maintain continuity and familiarity in our guidance services such as course selection, scheduling, intervention and support plans, conflict resolution, etc. Students whose last names begin with A-L will have Ms. Farris as their school counselor. Ms. Courtright will work directly with students whose last names starting with M-Z.  

As I stated last year, building relationships requires mutual investment. Our 7th-grade teams, Alaska, Michigan, Ohio, and exploratory teachers, are excited to build positive relationships with their students and their families. Teachers’ voices are essential, yet so are the parent and student voices. Thus, please do not hesitate to contact them if you have questions or concerns, as they are a STELLAR GROUP OF CARING ADULTS!!!

Lastly, I pledge to honor, support and encourage each student and their family. Therefore, as many of you already know, my door is always open, and I am eager to listen and collaborate.

With kind regards,

Jemal Davis, 

GMS Assistant Principal 



Jemal Davis, Assistant Principal



7th Grade School Counselors:

Haley Fratus
Shauna Farris


7th Grade Teams


Supply Lists





Laura Johnson, Social Studies
Beth Reinhold, Language Arts
Laura Irace, Math
Jake Browne, Science
David Morgan, Special Education




Silvana Panucci, Social Studies
Michelle Mokrzewski, Language Arts
Robert Panucci, Math
Molly Condron, Science
Frank Herrick, Special Education




Catherine Fedeli, Social Studies
Alyssa Delaporta, Language Arts
Mark Masterjoseph, Math
Brooke Fiore, Science
Allyson Lubs, Special Education