6th Grade



Dear Incoming Sixth Grade Families,

Welcome to the Groton Middle School learning community!  I am truly honored to serve as your grade-level administrator.  Under normal circumstances, the transition to middle school typically raises a range of emotions that vary in degrees of happiness and fearfulness. During these unprecedented times, I recognize for many, the feeling of uncertainty is prevalent. 

To navigate these unchartered waters of uncertainty, I pledge to use the oars of communication and partnerships. With this being said, student success cannot only be measured through academic achievement, but it also must be assessed by a student’s social and emotional well-being. Thus, I strongly believe in rigorous instruction, but equally in practices that best support social-emotional learning and equity.  

Building relationships requires mutual investment.  Teacher's voices are important, and so are parent and student voices. Thus, my door is always open, and I am eager to listen and collaborate. If you need anything, please feel free to reach out; TOGETHER WE HAVE THIS!

I look forward to working with you in the year ahead!  


With kind regards,


Jemal Davis

GMS Assistant Principal 


Jemal Davis, Assistant Principal



6th Grade School Counselors:

Chelsey Courtright
Shauna Farris


6th Grade Teams




Weekly Planner

Daniel Royle, Social Studies
Lola Colette, Language Arts
Elena Lockett, Math
Paula Kirsch, Science
Laura Ambroise, Special Education




Carl Bisson, Social Studies
Sara Kelly, Language Arts
Victoria Patrick, Language Arts
Lisa Gunderman, Math
Stacy Popp, Science
Laura Opila, Special Education




Kevin Larrow, Social Studies
Jessica Panucci, Language Arts
Rachel Morelli, Math
Eva Girard, Science
Renee Weinstein, Special Education