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We want to inform our Groton families of the summer school continued learning opportunities. Our Superintendent, Susan Austin, with support of the Board of Education, have decided that there is no cost to summer school classes. 

This past year has taught us that our students learn best when they are physically in the building with a teacher in front of them. We are happy to announce our improved summer school learning program for 2022 which will include traditional instruction in person by a teacher and online courses with APEX.

We will continue to provide three levels of learning opportunities; Credit Recovery, Credit Advancement, and Enrichment opportunities. 

The credit recovery courses will allow students to gain credits they lost during the year.

Credit advancement courses provide students an opportunity to gain a credit towards a planned pathway such as IB, Honors, or AP. Credit Advancement courses will be reviewed by department heads and approved by administration. **

APEX courses or tutorials can also be taken for enrichment purposes to support any specific deficits in learning to enrich their learning before returning to school in the Fall. These tutorials can be completed remotely. 

NCAA Clearinghouse Eligibility Expectation

The NCAA does not accept APEX Prescriptive courses.  If you complete a prescriptive course for credit recovery over the summer, it may impact your ability to participate in post-secondary activities.  All students who are registered for APEX courses will complete an agreement form acknowledging the NCAA eligibility criteria review above. 

When registering for summer school credit recovery courses, it is important to notice that the instructional method for Algebra I, Civics, U.S. History, English 9, English 10, and Integrated Science will all be taught in person by a teacher. The remainder of the summer course(s) will be delivered through the APEX digital learning platform. It is strongly recommended for students to attend all sessions at FHS for teacher support. So, while students are expected to attend summer school sessions, they will have the APEX curriculum available to them 24/7 to make adequate progress or even complete sooner.  Each student will be assigned an APEX teacher to support academic success. 

There is no cost to our families and transportation will be provided at key pick-up hubs throughout Groton. Please click here for Bus Routes. Registration and other information can be found on our website under summer school 2022 information. 

Summer School will occur at Fitch High School and will run for 5 weeks from July 6th through August 5th, from 9 AM – 12:00 PM.      

Week 1: July 6th-8th, Wednesday-Friday
Week2: July11th-14th, Monday-Thursday
Week 3: July18th-21st, Monday-Thursday
Week 4: July 25th-28th, Monday-Thursday
Week 5: August 1st-5th, Monday-Friday

We look forward to working with our Groton families to ensure that all students have the opportunity to continue learning during our summer.  Please take time to review the summer learning opportunities information for dates, registration, and expectations on the Fitch High School website and the district website. 

The Last day to register for Summer School is Friday July 1st, 2022!

To register click HERE

Bus Routes

Summer Expectations

Board of Education expectations apply during the Summer School Program and therefore all students are expected to adhere to the FHS code of conduct expectations. Additionally, completion of courses will be dependent on student commitment to the following:

  • Students completes appropriate weekly units based on the number of registered courses
  • Students will make appropriate progress to ensure completion of learning expectations
  • Identify plan for successful completion of course assignments and assessments by setting daily and weekly personal goals
  • All school expectations apply

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