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Falcon Music Booster Mission Statement

The mission of the Falcon Music Boosters is to support the efforts of students in the Robert E. Fitch Senior High School music programs. These programs include all the bands, choirs and orchestra. Our support is intended to help students fully develop their musical interests and education while providing an atmosphere of mutual respect, camaraderie and enjoyment. The Falcon Music Boosters, Inc. supports the Fitch music program financially, as well as provides volunteer services and sponsorship through participation in numerous activities directly with the musical ensembles.

We support the instructors by providing funding for things that might not be included in their yearly budgets, like purchasing additional music and supplies, and repairing or replacing instruments.

We support the students by providing funding so that they can attend small group clinics with other music educators and musicians, and by creating student accounts to allow them to fund-raise and save for future trips, lessons and opportunities.

We support their families by offering senior scholarships, assistance to students competing in All-State festivals, financial support for families with more than one student in the music program and fundraising incentives for all students.

And we support the entire music program at Fitch by creating a community of parents who care deeply about music education, who see the powerful role that music has played in shaping and nurturing their children, and who value the lessons of teamwork and common goals that a band, chorus or orchestra experience provides.