Falcons RISE: A Mentor & Tutoring Program

Falcons RISE: A Mentor/Tutoring Program

We are deeply rooted in our Motto "Achieve More, Believe More and Care More". Recently we also explored the vision of the graduate, essentially asking ourselves, "what attributes do we want our students to practice, develop, and apply as they exit our high school?" We want our students to be resilient individuals, innovative learners, socially aware citizens and engaged learners. It is for this reason that we have arrived at "Falcons RISE" as the new face of our mentor and tutoring program.

Falcons RISE is a mentoring program with the sole goal of living up to our Motto of Achieve, Believe and Care More. It's predecessor, The Falcon Academy, has been repurposed and adapted to our current educational climate, allowing us to meet the needs of our students. The spirit of students giving back to their fellow falcons through mentoring and tutoring support still remains. It's purpose of providing students with a much needed additional layer of support is paramount, given the current impacts to our students' educational opportunities. What is changing is the manner in which we deliver this support to our students. The best part is that the mentor and tutoring program allows students to practice every attribute depicted in our vision of the graduate.







2:45- 3:45

Mr. Brayman​


2:45 - 3:45

Ms. Carter


2:45 - 3:45

Ms. Holberton


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