National Honor Society

The NHS is composed of members selected from the junior and senior classes by a 5-person council after input from the entire faculty. Selection is based upon excellence in the areas of:

SCHOLARSHIP: Potential members must achieve a high level of academic achievement.

SERVICE and LEADERSHIP: Potential members must be active in a minimum of 3 activities, at least one school centered activity, with certain levels of achievement and rating from their advisors.

CHARACTER: Potential members should have no recorded incidents of cheating or intentional dishonesty as recorded by teacher(s) or administration. They also should exhibit positive behavior by having no record of skipping classes or knowingly violating school regulations.

MEMBERS are required to attend all induction ceremonies and maintain selection standards. They must actively participate in the group’s peer-tutoring program, and/or accumulate three hours of verified community service each month. In addition, students may not miss more than three NHS meetings/semester. All meeting absences must be pre-approved by the advisor.

PROBATION/TERMINATION: Failure to abide by all NHS standards will result in the following:

  • 1st Offense - Probation for one marking period
  • Continued/Additional Offense - Termination

Probation results in rescinding National Honor Society status on school record/student resume and non-participation in any induction ceremony. Student must maintain active status within the chapter and abide by the NHS standards during the probationary period. At the end of the probationary period, the faculty council will review the student’s status and determine eligibility for reinstatement or termination

Timeline and Process

On March 15th a list of all juniors with a weighted GPA of 14.0 or higher is sent to Mr. Stewart for initial review.  During the first week in April, invitation letters are sent out to all students.  Once the student receives the letter, they will need to see Mr. Stewart (Room 3207) for their activity verification sheets (1 sheet per activity). The form must be returned to Mr. Stewart by April 23rd.  No late forms will be accepted.  The list of all eligible students at that point is then sent to the faculty for final review and selection.  All selected students will be notified and will be invited to participate in the induction ceremony on May 8th at 6:30pm.


(Please note – for all classes moving forward (class of 2021 and beyond), the new weighted cut off will be 4.0)