Law Public Safety Corrections & Security

Jobs in the law and public safety career cluster involve planning, managing, and providing judicial, legal, and protective services.

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* Students must take at least one of these classes in order to complete a career cluster


American Sign Language II
American Sign Language III
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental
AP Government*
AP Psychology*
AP US History*
Business Law*
Child Development
Cooperative Work Experience
Current Events*

Diversified Health Occ
French III
French IV
Honors Forensic Science*
Honors French III
Honors French IV
Honors Spanish III
Honors Spanish IV
IB Chemistry 11
IB Chemistry 12
IB French 11
IB French 12

IB History The Americas 11
IB History World History 12
IB Psychology
IB Psychology 2
IB Spanish 11
IB Spanish 12
IB Theater Arts
Individual & Family
Intro to Economics
Intro To Psychology*

Latin I
Latin II
Latin III
Oral Communication .5*
Sociology Part 1*
Sociology Part 2
Spanish III
Spanish IV
Theater Arts
Theater Arts 1
Theater Arts 2

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