Jobs in the finance career cluster involve providing services for financial and investment planning, banking, insurance, and business financial management.

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* Students must take at least one of these classes in order to complete a career cluster


Accounting I*
Accounting II
Algebra III
American Sign Language I
American Sign Language II
AP Calculus A-B
AP Calculus B-C
AP Computer Science
AP European History
AP Statistics and Probability*
Business Law
Business Management & Entrep*

Computer Programming
Cooperative Work Experience
French III
French IV
Honors Calculus
Honors French III
Honors French IV
Honors Personal Finance II .5
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Spanish III
Honors Spanish IV

IB Business Management I*
IB Business Management II
IB Classical Studies in Latin
IB Math HL 11th Grade
IB Math HL 12th Grade
IB Math SL 11th Grade
IB Math SL 12th Grade
Intro to Economics*
Latin III
Latin IV
Latin Poetry

Latin Pros
Marketing I
Marketing II
Microsoft I
Microsoft II
Oral Communications
Personal Finance*
Sociology Part 1
Sociology Part 2
Spanish III
Spanish IV
Statistics and Probability*

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