Career Clusters and Pathways
















What are Career Clusters?

Career cluster is a group of jobs and industries that are related by skills or products. Within each cluster, there are cluster “pathways” that correspond to a collection of courses and training opportunities to prepare you for a given career. Career Clusters provide students with a context for studying traditional academics and learning the skills specific to a career. Career Clusters provide U.S. schools with a structure for organizing or restructuring curriculum offerings and focusing class make-up by a common theme such as interest.


How are Career Clusters being rolled out at Fitch?

Students will choose a Career Cluster in their FAS class. They will be awarded a pin to wear at graduation and a certificate of completion for those students who successfully complete their Career Cluster pathway. To successfully complete their Career Cluster Students must pass a minimum of 6 classes in their cluster. Students will be allowed to change their pathways throughout their four years, however full career cluster credit will not be awarded unless a minimum of 6 classes have been successfully completed.


Community Service

Community Service specific to your career cluster may be used as one of your six courses after you have completed 60 or more documented hours.


The following courses can be taken multiple times for career cluster completion:


* Chamber Choir

* Concert Chorus

* Concert Band

* Honors Chamber Choir

* Honors Jazz Ensemble

* Honors Personal Finance II

* Honors Women's Choir

* Jazz Ensemble

* Orchestra

* PE Electives

* Women's Choir

* Yearbook


Clubs Connected to Career Clusters

Under each Career Cluster courses there will also be any recommended clubs that would relate to these clusters. If a club is in bold that means that it is currently inactive.