School Counseling

The Robert E. Fitch School Counseling Department believes that each student is a unique individual who is capable of growing into a responsible, independent, and contributing member of society.  The School Counseling Department is dedicated to fostering the successful academic, personal, and vocational growth of every student. Through the developmental process, each student is given individual attention and encouragement to achieve his or her unique potential, toward becoming a life-long learner and a contributing member of society. 

MYP and World Language

In grade 6, MYP students experience a world language carousel.  After that, students choose a world language to study over the course of their remaining MYP experience (through 10th grade).  The IB MYP guidance encourages students to stick with the language they choose for 7th grade, all the way through senior year of high school.  All MYP students, except those who have an IEP or 504 that precludes studying a world language, must be offered the opportunity to study a world language as part of the 8 core MYP subjects at GMS and the 6 core MYP subjects at FHS.


Please email to reach the School Counseling Secretaries.