Welcome To Robert E. Fitch High School


Thank you for visiting the Robert E. Fitch High School website.  We are proud of the academic rigor and caring environment that will help prepare our students for the 21st century.  

Our slogan, ACHIEVE MORE, BELIEVE MORE, and CARE MORE speaks to our commitment to high expectations, and the support that we offer each other to achieve those expectations. 

Fitch High School offers our students a wide-range of academic opportunities, including courses in Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and UCONN ECE courses, giving students the opportunity to achieve advanced studies throughout their High School experience.  The school day is organized in an A/B block format, allowing students the time in class to explore the depth of a topic.  Students also participate in a Commitment to Learning (CTL) period and advisory. 

Fitch High School offers a variety of opportunities for students outside of the core classroom subjects, including an award-winning music program, and variety of visual arts courses, and co-curricular activities.  In addition students have the opportunity to participate in numerous athletic programs at the freshman, junior varsity and varsity levels.

I am proud to work with the excellent teachers and staff that work to create the best possible environment for students.  We strive to make the experience at Fitch rewarding for every student, every day. 

Edward Keleher

Principal Robert E Fitch High School

Achieve More, Believe More, Care More