Welcome To Robert E. Fitch High School

Our school is about building a rigorous and relevant academic tradition with teaching for understanding as its foundation, which will prepare FHS students for the 21st Century. FHS operates under an A/B block schedule which includes an advisory and CTL time. In addition, FHS offers intervention classes in math and English to assist students having difficulty mastering skills and concepts. Our slogan, ACHIEVE MORE, BELIEVE MORE, and CARE MORE exemplifies our commitment to high expectations, the belief that we all can accomplish great things, and that we truly care about each other. 

FHS has extensive Advanced Placement ( AP ) , International Baccalaureate ( IB ), and UCONN ECE courses, giving students multiple opportunities to pursue advanced studies.

In addition, FHS has outstanding visual and performing arts programs along with many co-curricular activities that strengthen the connection between FHS and the students. Our athletic programs offer a variety of sports giving FHS students opportunities to compete at the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity levels. 

As Principal, I am proud to work with outstanding teachers and staff who work hard at delivering the best instruction possible to FHS students each and every day. Additionally, working with the students at FHS is an extremely wonderful and rewarding experience.

Principal Robert E.Fitch High School

Achieve More, Believe More, Care More