Magnet Schools

Your Groton Public Schools: Neighborhood Schools + Themed Magnet Schools

Families across Groton have exciting choices for their child's education right in their own community. 

Choose your neighborhood elementary school or apply to attend one of Groton’s themed magnet schools. Our intra-district magnet elementary and middle schools are a choice option for Groton residents, regardless of their districted elementary school. 

Our two themed elementary school welcome students districted to attend and welcome students from across the district. Groton’s two middle schools will welcome new and returning students as themed magnet schools in September 2018.  Whichever schools our students attend, all of Groton’s Middle Schools receive the same rigorous, core curriculum in literacy, math, science, and social studies. Exploratory classes including art, music, computers, STEM, foreign language, health, and physical education is also offered at both schools.

Groton is also pursuing the path to bring the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) to sixth to tenth grades, which will be implemented in combination with the magnet themes and serve as a unifying framework for all teaching and learning across the district. 

The MYP allows students to connect their learning to the real word and is adaptable for learners of different strengths and styles.

Each spring, Groton families will have an opportunity to apply to attend one of Groton's themed magnet schools.  


Your Groton Elementary Schools: Grades K-5

Neighborhood Schools

  • Charles Barnum Elementary School
  • Claude Chester Elementary School
  • Mary Morrisson Elementary School
  • S.B. Butler Elementary School

Neighborhood + Themed Magnet

  • Catherine Kolnaski STEAM School
  • Northeast Academy Arts Magnet School

Your Groton Middle Schools: Grades 6-8

Neighborhood + Themed Magnet

  • Cutler Arts & Humanities Magnet School
  • West Side STEM Magnet School