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Congratulations to Groton Public Schools’ Teacher of the Year, Christina Scala, a highly respected and dedicated art teacher at Fitch High School. On Monday, June 10 the Groton Board of Education recognized all of our Outstanding Educators, as well as our Paraeducator of the Year, Friends of Education, Support Personnel, Substitute Teachers, and Student Representatives including:

Poet Laureate

  • Miles Mitchell, Fitch High School

CT Student Writers Contest

  • Marielle Denny, Groton Middle School
  • Andrew Fake, Groton Middle School
  • Magdalene Howard, Groton Middle School
  • Mrunmayi Patil, Groton Middle School
  • Adabelle Turner, Groton Middle School

2024 Young Playwrights Festival

  • Natalie Hambidge, Groton Middle School
  • David Pan, Groton Middle School
  • Hannah Winn, Groton Middle School
  • Lily Griffin, Fitch High School
  • Mary Ann Maguire, Fitch High School
  • Giovanni Philopena, Fitch High School
  • Andrew Vieu, Fitch High School

CABE Student Leadership

  • Janelle Perez, Groton Middle School
  • Giovanna Sardelli, Groton Middle School
  • Zoe Antipas, Fitch High School
  • David Haugeto, Fitch High School

Friend of Education

  • Leeann Burns, Charles Barnum Magnet School
  • Megan Strand, Mystic River Magnet School
  • Mark LaPietra, Northeast Academy
  • Ned Sawyer, Thames River Magnet School
  • Kris Lewis, Groton Middle School
  • Melissa Vazquez-McCoy, Fitch High School

Support Personnel

  • Pam Gore, Catherine Kolnaski Magnet School
  • Leslie Schaefer, Charles Barnum Magnet School
  • Allison Pearsall, Mystic River Magnet School
  • Sharon Colburn, Northeast Academy
  • Kaelan Greene, Thames River Magnet School
  • Susan Weber, Groton Middle School
  • Dominique Griffin, Fitch High School

Substitue Teacher

  • Gabrielle Bridger, Catherine Kolnaski Magnet School
  • Brittany DeVillar, Charles Barnum Magnet School
  • Maddie Biggins, Mystic River Magnet School
  • Aiysha Naqvi, Northeast Academy
  • Carolyn Hogg, Thames River Magnet School
  • Alana Chappelle, Groton Middle School
  • Evan Rubin, Fitch High School

Paraeducator of the Year

  • Jana Sidlinger, Catherine Kolnaski Magnet School
  • Terrie Tipple, Charles Barnum Magnet School
  • Paul Davis, Mystic River Magnet School
  • Kylie Fahey, Northeast Academy
  • Heather Cobb, Thames River Magnet School
  • Ann Sergiy, Groton Middle School
  • Kristie Lawrence, Fitch High School

Outstanding Educator / Teacher of the Year

  • Victoria Wold, Catherine Kolnaski Magnet School
  • Jennifer Nowak, Charles Barnum Magnet School
  • Jacqueline Rege, Mystic River Magnet School
  • Shannon Stevenson, Northeast Academy
  • Alyson Merrill, Thames River Magnet School
  • Lola Colette, Groton Middle School
  • Christina Scala, Fitch High School