Cancellation of Classes

The Connecticut Department of Public Health will be developing specific community and school-based indicators to assist leaders and define the appropriate decision-making approach.

  • Groton Public Schools will follow already established emergency closing policies and procedures for school class cancellations and reopening to be implemented in the event that the superintendent, their designee, or state government suspends or cancels in-school classes for some or all participants.
  • Groton Public Schools will notify and consult with the CSDE immediately if the LEA is contemplating class cancellations.
  • Groton Public Schools will use its established communication plan and clear policies for faculty and staff regarding individual roles and responsibilities in the event of a shutdown occurring during the school year.
  • Groton Public Schools will prioritize ongoing educational opportunities as part of the plan for shutdown.  Materials for continuity of learning will be made available to allow for school sessions to continue remotely, including one-to-one Chromebook and tablet initiative with hot spot access as needed, toolkits for school and home, workbooks and supplies needed for work at home, and improved systems for distance learning.