This plan is meant to provide guidance for our reopening plan.  There will need to be continued adjustments and modifications as we move forward. It will take a shared responsibility to create and maintain a safe and clean environment for students and staff alike.

•     Groton Public Schools Re-entry Plans for fall 2020 includes a face to face model, a distance learning model, and a hybrid model.

•     Face-to-Face Model will include all students return to schoolhouses for full-time instruction during the 2020-2021, so long as public health data continues to support this model. This model will be supported with more intensive mitigation strategies and specific monitoring, containment and class cancellation plans.

− In addition to full-time instruction plans as indicated above, Groton Public Schools is prepared to modify their plans to support a partial reopening or to allow for scaling back at a future date if the public health data changes.

•     Distance Learning Model will provide Asynchronistic and Synchronistic teaching and learning to all students, should COVID-19 data and the health department have schools close.

•     The hybrid model will bring students into school for 2 days and provide distance learning, as described above, for 3 days. Groton Public Schools has developed a hybrid model as the safest plan to start with, as our motto “start slow and grow/accelerate”, putting the safety of our students and staff as a primary goal.  We will carefully craft the cohort groups based on the alphabet, taking into consideration family cohorts PK-12 attending school on the same days.

(See Hybrid Cohort MODEL)

•     The plan identifies gaps and develops action plans for reopening that specifically address inclusion, equity, and access for all learners with strategies and clearly defined action steps. (See Instruction and Technology Plan – Includes one-one technology PK-12 with hotspots as access points and a comprehensive curriculum and assessment re-entry plan).  In addition the district has included specific plans to include diversity, equity and inclusion as part of our action plan.

Additional Information on COVID-19 can be found by clicking the links below