Principal's Message


Claude Chester School Where Possibilities are Endless!
Dear Parents/Caregivers  

       I am so proud to be the principal of Claude Chester School. It is such an amazing place to be!  The quote above captures what CC is all about. It was a quote that Grade 5 Peer Leaders creating when thinking about the school.  Our teachers and staff are committed to making those possibilities a reality for your child. 

Below is just SOME wonderful information about CC:

  • CC is a Responsive Classroom School. We proactively promote positive behavior through interactive modeling and hold Morning Meetings every morning. Every adult is in a Morning Meeting everyday. We have three basic rules: BeRespectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe. We have a fourth "rule" to Be Your Best. We take time at the beginning of the year to proactively review and model all rules and procedures school-wide and within the classroom to set students up for success. 
  • CC has before/after school clubs and offer enrichment opportunities to our students through various organizations such as New England Science and Sailing.
  • CC has a Community Garden from which each class has gardening opportunities as well as Cooking Classes through a Americorps Foodcorps.
  • CC continues to have Adult Mentors helping out students.  If you are interested in becoming an Adult Mentor please contact the school.
  • CC also empowers student leaders to act as peer mentors to younger students. We have started Bus Leaders and Morning Greeters as well. Bus Leaders help model safe and respectful behavior in the hall and gym while walking and waiting for the bus. Morning Greeters help to welcome students into the school everyday! 
  • CC provides every student with a daily intervention block (SRBI Block) to help accelerate learning.
  • CC uses Ipads and chromebooks daily to enhance instruction. Students in grades 2 through 5 each have a cart of chromebooks to use on a daily basis.
  • CC teachers recommend students monthly as PUPs (Positive Uplifting Person) of the Month to students who are exhibiting excellent behaviors.
  • CC has a committed PTO who are constantly looking for ways to help our school.

Thank you for your continued support to our school!


Jamie Giordano


Smiling is contagious!

Principal and student sitting on the Buddy Bench