Family-School Compact For Achievement

A Family-School Compact for Student Success is an agreement between parents, students, and schools to share responsibility to support the academic development and needs of the students in order to achieve high academic standards of excellence. A survey from your child’s teacher will be sent home to you to complete. A Family School Compact will then be completed from the survey results. The Compact is sent home to you in your child’s first trimester report card to see the “terms of the agreement.  

Gr. K - 2018 FamilyCompacts2018-5.pdf 

Gr. 1 -2018 FamilyCompacts2018-2.pdf

Gr. 2 - 2018 schoolfamilycompact2ndgrade2018-2019.pdf

Gr. 3- 2018 FamilyCompacts2018-1.pdf

Gr. 4- 2018 FamilyCompacts2018-4.pdf

Gr. 5 -2018FamilyCompacts2018-3.pdf