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CHARLES BARNUM magnet school 
Theme: Discovery - Nurturing Creativity and Curiosity  



 We encourage all our students to share their voice and explore their interests, while also figuring out how they like to learn and express themselves.  By nurturing their creativity and curiosity we're helping our students build a lifelong passion for learning.

- Seth Danner, Principal of Charles Barnum Magnet School

Charles Barnum Magnet School is dedicated to providing educational experiences that foster discovery through creativity, curiosity, and exploration. Student-led learning experiences help each student find their own gifts, talents, and interests. We proudly nurture a learning environment, rooted in optimism, where all children can engage, connect, explore and reach their full potential.






Helping Students Discover What They Are Good At and What They Like to Do


During a weekly 80 minute Discovery Block, teachers and staff offer a variety of groups for students to self-select based on their own interests and curiosity! Students participate in student-led and hands-on learning, where they help to steer the direction of their group. 

Many students create projects or products that they can showcase to the school community. Every 8-weeks students get to self select a new Discovery Block group and a new theme they are curious about! 

A few of our past Discovery Block student led groups included:


  • CB STOMP where students made music out of everyday objects
  • Game On where students got to test out different games and create their own
  •  Weaving Wonders where students learned different styles of weaving
  • Science Around You where students conducted lots of science experiments inspired by their own wonder! 



Meet Our Partners


Renzulli Learning Center (UCONN)

Nurtures every child's gifts and talents, with a focus on characteristics of task commitment, creativity, and curiosity.


Life is Good Kids Foundation

CBMS also works with Life is Good Kids Foundation as we support the social/emotional learning of each student.



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