Student Birthdays

We love to recognize student birthdays at school.  Student names are announced during our morning community announcements during the school year.

Please note the following information regarding student birthdays:

  • Birthday invitations can not to be given out in class unless there is an invitation for everyone.  
  • We are not able to provide addresses or phone numbers for children in class due to confidentiality.
  • Parents may send in a birthday treat to celebrate their child’s birthday in the classroom, however birthday parties are not held in school.
  • Due the prevalence of food allergies, we encourage parents to send in non-food treats such as stickers, pencils or books (no toys, please).   Home-baked foods cannot be shared in class due to food allergy precautions. 
  • GPS Food Services offers an “In Class Celebration” menu of treats. Check out the Food Services page for more information.